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Brisbane waters fishing


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hey guys i am new to fish radar but not new to fishing i was wondering if there are any poddy mullet to be found out the front of  Anderson boat shed ettalong  or if there are any around ettalong wharf 

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Not too sure about Brisbane Waters but in Tuggerah Lakes poddies seem to disappear once the cold sw winds blow in winter.

You may need to wait till October or thereabouts!


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I have replied to your PM Aiden .

I will post my reply to Aiden  here for future reference .

Can’t say I have ever seen any there but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there from time to time .

I usually go to either the creek at the end of Woy Woy bay , the canal that runs around the sports ground in Woy Woy , the baths at Woy Woy or along the shore near the lions park boat ramp. I have seen them at the blackwall road boat ramp and around the boat ramp in kincumber creek, another spot to try is ettalong creek  or down in Patonga creek .

They don’t like open water or areas that cop a lot of boat wash or wind chop , i would grab a few slices of white bread and a pair of polaroid sunnies and go for a walk (just after sunrise is bests day and if this coincides with the last of the run up to a high tide even better  )and try to find them - they can be there one day and gone the next !

Poddies in Brisbane waters can be frustrating at the best of times and that is why I fish with Hawkesbury prawns ,garfish fillets or soft plastics as I know I can get them and they work just as well as poddies - you could always pump some nippers on the flats near Anderson’s .



KB ,

I found Lake Macquarie was the same , I used to launch at Chain Valley bay and in summer I could catch all the poddies I want right at the ramp but in winter they just vanished . Winter was Luderick time so I turned my attention to finding weed .

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The tidal flow in front of Andersons is ferocious. Hard to see poddies hanging around there. You need to find a spot well away from the main channel, up of the arms of the estuary where the tidal flow is more gentle.

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