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Multi Tool ??


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hi Raiders 

We have an old tiny multitool floating around the house that we use occasionally for its small but precise pliers.  Used it yesterday to help set up a new computer monitor at home (I wonder why 😕) and thought these are damn handy.  This had me thinking that a pair of multitools would be handy to have in the tackle bag.  That home one is too tiny to be useful and is poorly featured 

So, who amongst you out there use multitools as part of their tackle bag.  If you do, what features, or tools do you find handy other than obviously the pliers and the knife(s).  Are those tiny scissors handy at cutting braid (finding scissors that do not fray braid too much is a pet obsession of mine)?  

Finally, are there more quality brands like Leatherman and Gerber worth the extra money compared to cheap and cheerful that you can find on eBay, keeping in mind that I am an occasional fisho. 


Thank you in advance

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The quality brands are way better than the cheap no name ones, but most of the "tools" are next to useless for anything other than emergency use.

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There are heaps of options of weird, tacky but sometimes useful tool for ISO fishermen. Just because they are tools marketed to that type of fishing, doesn't mean you couldn't use it for others.

But I've not found a 1 tool to rule them all type of thing. Its usually a couple of few different tools and try to keep this on the minimum as I don't want a tackle bag looking more like a tool box than a tackle bag.

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Not sure how many rusty sets of fishing plyers I have but its a few.

If I was to buy something again it would be alloy plyers


I wouldn't be taking my good Leatherman surge out fishing even is they are SS, which means stains less not stainless :whistling:

Braid scissors are a must, they arent that expensive but well worth it.

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18 hours ago, Ryder said:

I remember my Mum bought this one for my Grandad back in the 70s


And who can remember the old pocket fisherman rod/reel combo, would be a great match in the collection with that tool.

They can also fetch big money these days.


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