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Battery maintenance reminder


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Hey Raiders 

A reminder.

Since many of us are in lockdown it may be a good time to do some basic battery maintenance: check/top up fluid, remove connections, clean the connections and battery posts with something like steel wool and refit. Smother everything with grease - I prefer Vaseline as it’s cleaner to handle. 


On my last trip I noticed a bit of voltage drop. Just finished maintenance on my 3 batteries and now can see a 0.4V improvement at the helm voltage meter. 

cheers Zoran 

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good idea, although, with mine, I take all batteries out, as i can, and charge them that nigh tor next day and top up charge ready for trip out.

Ive used Vaseline on the terminals on my DIY battery pack for the trolling motor.



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Thanks - Good reminder Zoran - I’ve had my batteries (4 on my boat) on charge several times “trickling” over, interestingly, even though they haven’t been used for several months now, there hasn’t been much current drop.

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