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Testing a new feature on the forum

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Hi allĀ 

I am testing a new feature in a recentĀ upgrade.Ā 

Myself and the mods can give some award badges - there are a couple and I intend to make some others.Ā 

You will see a comment on @dirvin21Ā post from Darwin and a Great Content badge

Ā @PicklesĀ post welcoming a new member on their first post - Helpful badge

@zmk1962Ā post for his repurposing of a broken pot in The Kitchen - Helpful badge


The mods and I will have a look at this featureĀ 

Let us know if you would like it.Ā 

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Yep - a great initiative - encouragement breeds encouragement and positivity (Heb10:24 - ā€œStir up one another to love and good worksā€¦..ā€)

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Hi Donna,

Firstly, thanks for the "great content" badge. Came as a pleasant surprise. I spent some time trying to find what others had been created. Your post above clarified that a little further.

I feel the new badges are a bit like the Easter eggs at the end of a Marvel film in that you feel you have received an extra reward for taking the time to hang in there.



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