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Other patterns I've tied the "Gamechanger"

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These patterns are known as a "Gamechanger". They are very time consuming to tie but so worth it. As for flies I don't think there's many patterns that look and swim as close to the real thing as a Gamechanger. Most in pictures are the 5 inch size with one being 6 inch.

If you haven't seen this pattern they will blow you mind, and for me a must have in your box.






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You have that one down pat Ben, they all look pretty identical to me :thumbup:

Is there a target for that style??


One of the guys I watch on youtube does some water footage of the stuff he ties & its really interesting to see them in the water. 

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Hey Kingie chaser

The main target for these flies for me is Jewfish. I would also cast them for big Flathead over the flats. I learnt the pattern from Chris Adams from Ammo Flies who has some unreal videos of the fly underwater.

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