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Land based options South Coast NSW


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G’day everyone. I’m looking at getting away camping & fishing for a week or so when everything opens up again, only got a little hatchback and no boat :( I’m familiar with the Jervis Bay Area, any other recommendations?

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Welcome to fishraider!

For fishing optunties at the south coast i can recommend Burrill Lake. Ive never fished there but have visited friends there over holidays. Oh the pain when i realised i forgot my rods.😠

Having seen the lake it is a beautifully pristine estuary system that looks like a fishing heaven. 👍  land based fishing is easy there with sandbanks making it easy to wade to the drop off into deeper water. You could also fish on the north side near the bridge to go for bream and the other species around the bridge pylons. Use light 4lb to 8lb line with little or no sinker to fish around the flats and bridge. Pumping nippers is a must and have them on a small baitholder hook. Beach fishing in the summer also can produce results with solid catches of whiting and bream.

I've heard you can catch Bream, whiting, flathead, tailor, ludrick and mulloway in deep water at times and bass and EP up further along the river. Hope this helped you, looking forward for more reports!👍


Also since your new feel free to welcome yourself on this!👍

For a week over when all this covid ends you can also stay at the Big4 

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Comerong Island usually fishes well - I've caught snapper, bream, flathead, whiting and have seen jewies off the breakwall, its pretty reliable. Its probably worth spending a day at comerong island there are multiple different places you can fish apart from the breakwall as well.

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Hi mate, before lockdown I used to go fishing in Sussex Inlet and St Georges Basin. The inlet itself is a very productive stretch of water and I recommend fishing the part of the Inlet where it opens up to the basin. All the feeder creeks and keys hold good amounts of Bream and occasionally good flatties and Bass. Look up a map of the basin and i recommed fishing Jewfish Bay on dawn and dusk as it produces well (if you have a boat). Land-based, the main boat ramp in Sussex Inlet is a great spot for Luderick and flathead and can produce some leather jackets, Tailor and bream. The Sussex Inlet RSL is also a top spot for Luderick, tailor, bream, blackfish, flathead, flounder and about every species you can catch in an estuary. I can't help you out with Jervis Bay cause I've never tried there. Hope this helps!!

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