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Couple of sessions to kick off bass season


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With spring finally upon us, we're always eager to get out and chase some bass. My daughter joined me for a arvo session on the upper Hastings, the river looked good and the conditions great, someone forgot to tell the bass. Long story short we put in hours of casts for absolutely nothing, at our decided turn around point I couldn't believe the moment I had a take, just hopping a plastic along the bottom. Called for a small fish at first got interesting when the fish woke up and I realised the net was at home. Ended uo babk landing a nice mid 40's bass


a long narrow fish for his length 


always love watching them swim away, and with another 2 hours of fruitless casting the first session was over.

With the lockdowns eased on the MNC Amy and I decided to head up to the upper Nambucca to aim for some more bass.


Amy didn't waste any time. Again everything was great except the bass, low water temps meant it was a grind. With not even a follow and patience fading, Amy pulls out the secret weapon lure, literally five casts later, Amy's on 


a well conditioned 39 to kick off her season, with that we had a momentary rise in confidence, but apart from a bass the size of a small submarine crashing a lure right beside Amy's yak, we had no other action.

Hopefully it'll only be a coupke more weeks and the water temps will rise and the bass will fire

Cheers for reading


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