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Some sort of Wrasse? (Grass/Weed Whiting)

Isaac Ct


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That is the first common fish that came to mind and it is a young fish, and Herring Cale change over their growth cycle, you guys should submit to the Australian Museum ichthyology department if they still offer fish IDs. 
I'll ask a friend, who was their collections manager there for some two or more decades, but has now retired. See what he suggests. 


Also, I just googled Weed Whiting, as that name eluded me in all my scuba diving and u/w photography life. I noted they are only found around the eastern coastline of Spencer Gulf in SA, according to the distribution map on this page. 





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So Mark McGrouther suggested it could be a Little Weed Whiting. 
To be honest, that's one fish I have never ever heard of until now. 

Makes sense alright. :)




I've noticed the distribution map shows eastern shoreline of Spencer Gulf in SA. But there are several tabs on the page, and one that says 'MORE INFO' has the distribution written rather than showing on a map. The map is not representing the true picture. 

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