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Mother of Swordfisherman RIP


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💕Last night we lost a beautiful soul 💕
Stewy’s Mum Grace passed away peacefully.

We spent some time with her in the Palliative Care Unit at Manning Base Hospital over the last few days.

There were some lovely moments and memories shared. 

It has been a very tough few weeks for Stewy and the family. His father passed away just 5 weeks ago. Normally Stewy would be able to go for a fish and reflect. Covid restrictions have not made that possible. 

Grace was a magnificent fisho. She often told the stories of the many fishing trips the family took. 
She assisted us at several of the fishraider socials. When she wasn’t fishing she worked behind the scenes making sandwiches and cups of tea and coffee for hungry raiders. 

❤️You will be sadly missed by all your family Grace RIP ❤️


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Thoughts are with you Stewy. Life is really tough when you lose a parent, even more so when you lose both in such a short space of time. You have a loving wife and I'm sure that you will work your way through this very difficult phase of your lives, together. You also have a de facto (Fishraider) family who will be thinking of you, too. I'm sure that you will have lots of fond memories to focus on, and time will permit you the opportunity to recover from the hurt.


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