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8 hours ago, Dee Why Jim said:

Hi Waza - thanks for the welcome lockdown diversion.  Your article motivated me to spend a hour or so on Google.  Found this link to a Fishing comp organised by legacy in Yamba

before our time but it looks like a huge event in terms of both people and fish caught.  Some good shots of the breakwalls you talked about in an earlier story about Yamba.  Did you go to any of these regional, fundraising type events?  Looks like there was a mix of some very serious fishermen and plenty of casuals.

DY Jim

Hi Jim hope you're safe and well. Some great footage in the movie- the sunken wall is the middle wall I referred to, only accessible by boat but many got out and fished from the wall for Bream.

There were a few I fished other than AFCA comps in Sydney and ANSA comps at Narooma. Dee Why Lions club organised the biggest one in Sydney, then the Gosford Fun-Fish, plus about 5 Greenback's at Cabarita Beach near the Qld border. 

Narooma was always a highlight when I was club fishing because the boat guys, estuary fishers and the rock/beach brigade all fished in all of the categories together. The fun of staying together in the caravan park was just great and some of the 'after fishing' antics are lifetime memories.

The Greenback's are great as well because we stay on the beach all night and it's something you just can't emulate in Sydney for either fish or solitude. Every Greenback I fished in it rained for a great part or all of the night and the big beaches of the far north coast are only used by fishers after dark on those cold winter nights. It's just a special feeling being there I reckon and you could be a million miles from civilization once the sun has set. There's something that touches your soul as a fisherman on those nights I feel and I hope to fish a few more of them in the future.

The crowds and interest shown in your movie are just fantastic, a great drawcard for the town and everyone knows about it. It's amazing how word gets around on what's biting and where, but the locals always have a handle on what's going on.

Such a pity these type of events- for the most part haven't been staged around Sydney- there'd be huge participation I reckon, plus the 'after-fishing' beers would yield tons of information that'd otherwise stay secreted away. Great source of info the after 'party'!

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