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Topwater Flatty - Large


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Blackwattle Bay has been fishing well since the water started warming up.  No doubt due in part to the fact that the works on Johnson's Creek canal have finished and the creek is once again open to the tide.

Always been a good spot to hit on the runout tide and it's been known to attract a pelagic or two.  This was my mission this morning - early morning middle of the runout.

Signs weren't promising when I arrived just before sunrise - one lone seagull.  No wind.  Not a lot of outflow evident from the creek like I was hoping.

Ah well, I've caught fish in worse conditions.  I left the 95mm Splash Prawn on that I'd been throwing at Rose Bay the day before.  Cast around for a bit to no avail.  Was just about to change lures when a larger group of seagulls arrived.  A pelican had started making this way slowly from the opposite end of the bay. 

Decided a few more casts wouldn't hurt.

Next cast I was working the lure slowly after a good size cast - the lure was probably 30-40m from me when the water underneath it erupted in a trademark fashion that I took for a good size tailor.  Finally some action - welcome but not the target species so I wasn't too excited even though it took a little bit of drag.  I was thinking about how I was gonna get the hooks out with him thrashing about as tailor like to do.  It was pretty weighty actually.  As it got closer I still hadn't seen any silver as I was expecting and it wasn't until it got to my feet that I saw it was an XL flathead.  Its head was huge.

That was only half the battle.  I tested her weight and immediately ruled out lifting her.  The tide was getting pretty low - probably 20cm at my feet.  The only viable spot was a set of stairs 100m down the path.  Didn't have much choice and I knew I had a solid hookset and quality hardware so I walked her all the way and slid her onto the bottom step with my heart about to jump out of my throat.  Had a quick measure and a photo before I popped her back.  She swam off like a champ in spite of the ordeal.

Not quite a PB flatty at 77cm but definitely a PB topwater flatty and my second ever.  First fish I've had on the 95mm Splash Prawn as well.  

Another thing, that Splash Prawn is a great lure - comes in at nearly 30 bucks but the hardware on it is solid as.  I dragged that fish all that way and the hooks were like new after.  Very impressed - makes me confident I can put some hurt on a king without pulling hooks.

Tight lines everyone 🤙


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Hi Niall,

thanks for posting mate. I always enjoy reading your reports. Hope to catch up with you soonish for a fish. Got something planned for Saturday the 23rd in the inner west if you are around and weather permits.



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Great report Niall, that’s a really good flattie on a lure. It’s great when the plan comes together and you nail the target species, thanks for the detailed info.

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13 hours ago, bluefin said:

Im very impressed with the Splash Prawn, and it's ease of use !!  Straight line pop, pop, pause, Or continuous pop for whiting.   Great Fish !! 

Definitely a solid lure.  The 95mm is a bit of a different beast - bigger splash and with very strong hardware but I casts great and catches fish for sure.

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Sticking to your guns paid off!

It’s a good thing you did too - I was there at the start of the runout today, and couldn’t put anything small in the water that wasn’t instantly harassed by 15-25cm bream.

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