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Swap 12' for 10' tinny


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Hello good people, before I plaster this on other sites, would anyone be interested in swapping  a tinny?

I have a 12' I got that's too big for what I have planned 

I'm after a 3m(10') tinny.

If anyone interested in a swap, please let me know. There's no hin plates on it. 

It's not on a trailer and you would need one to collect it. 



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3 hours ago, kingie chaser said:

Looks like an ideal river/estuary/bay boat to me.

Not sure why you would want to fish out of a 10ft boat when you could be fishing out of a 12ft boat?

But we all have our own plans.

Looks like a really nice solid tinny Dave!

Who said I was going to fish out of a ten foot boat😁.....

Besides, I've got ol pongrass for fishing...

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