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Kayak upgrade from my first being a Cheapie.


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Later  in the year I would like to upgrade my from my current kayak to something that is a bit more capable. I've got a cheap k2f 2.7m  kayak at the moment, that I use in lake macquarie.

I would like a paddle kayak that is still very usable in estuary, lake etc, but wouldn't mind something that is capable of surf launches to venture 'outside'  but close as I don't think I'd want to venture to far wide.  I've been looking online, Stealth look like a great bit of kit, like the big hatch they have, but very offshore orientated I think (correct me if I'm wrong), and probably too pricey for what I want to spend.   

I think Viking profish  kayaks are what I'm considering at the moment,  I like the Load and Go tacklepod the Reload has but the Reload is longer, slimmer and heavier than the Profish400 which is the other kayak I've been looking at online. The 400 has  a tacklepod option but not standard and  albeit a different version that doesn't incorporate a transducer mounted to the pod and is only held in by bungee cords, where as the Reload come standard with the load and go tacklepod that does incorporate the transducer, additionally the pod looks a lot more secure.

Are they both reasonably similar in the surf zone, if you want to surf them?

The 400 retails by the looks at $1700 without the tacklepod which is another $300 buck,  ie $2000 with pod.   Where as the Reload retails by the looks for $2500 and includes pod.  Is it best to pay the extra $500 and get the reload?    Or is the 400 the better all rounder?

Hope that make sense and is not too many questions.

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I would suggest going to a kayak place and having a good look over each model

I've seen a guy on YouTube using a reload in smallish freshwater rivers, didn't look ideal but probably the better balance you're going to find


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Hey mate,

I've seen a few people use the profish reload. It's quite capable in the surf. Generally speaking, the longer the kayak, the more capable it is in the surf and open water in terms of speed and punching through waves. No reason why you can't also use the Viking kayaks inside lake systems. 

Viking kayaks also make a little electric motor that can be attached to the rudder. It's called the Bixpy. From the looks of it, it looks really handy in terms of power assisted paddling. Quite expensive though (I think it costs about $2500).

Me personally, I have a stealth fusion kayak. Im quite pleased with its performance in the surf and on open waters. 

If you're planning on doing more surf launches, I would say the profish reload is the better option.

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