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Autumn bream

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I've been reading that the bream tend to head closer to the head of the system and deeper water when it gets colder, so I down to Hunters Hill boat ramp and cast some SP around the grass there.  I began with my usual 1/16, but that never reached the bottom, I think because of the depth and water movement.   It was about 2 hours before low.   I upped to a 1/12 which barely made the bottom. I switched to a 1/8 and cast  it straight out, then walked about 30m down steam so I'd have some line out. With the out going tide then bringing my plastic toward me, I had no trouble keeping in touch with the bottom and walking 30m gave a decent distance to fish.

Fished for half an hour when I got a good hit, there was a bit of drag taken but my new TD Black performed brilliantly and picked up a 30 cm breambo.

Headed home then as the rain started.


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