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Hi Raiders, first post from the Old Man. Took off after the rain stopped on Friday around 11am and put in at Parsley Bay just after midday. Went round to the usual spot chasing a feed of flatties. Very quiet on the water with hardly any boats around a small swell and hardly a breath of wind. Anyways I get a couple of lines in sit back and relax. 3/0 circle hooks 12lb leader with 1/2 ounce sinker, main line I haven't a clue, been on the reels for years, some sort of braid, bait was small bottle squid and salted pilly cubes. Lots of shovel noses and banjos then the reel screams off and don't stop, I'm thinking big hammerhead or bronzie. Wrong guess after a few minutes thers a big silver slad boatside. In she comes and goes around 93cm. But wait I'm just getting sorted and the other rod goes off, a few minutes and I've got two of the buggers in the boat anyways I toss the little fella back and the big ones a family affair. Now thats not bad for me but it gets better when this tuna turns up ( not sure which one )not long after and don't they give some currie. Goes quite and I move down to JB for the  hairtail. Picked up 4 for the night went back ti Patonga next morning for zero. Thanks for reading oh, never did get the flatties.20220514_131135.thumb.jpg.cf5430d76e42e87884b2140a2a84cb33.jpg20220514_131046.thumb.jpg.cc9fc2e2d1175ca864ca7b0be901a137.jpg20220514_131243.thumb.jpg.639929be269ace68aa9b911ae338b319.jpg

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