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Finnish midnight sun


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  (Hi. We are on cabin, is it finnish midnight sun weekend. Came yestarday, catch 2 small pike but realase them.


Mostly we have bees sporting, playing and swimming (+17'c water), and packrafting. And ofcourse eating.( Sorry, but i was too slow teke pictures about bbq and smoked rainbows, we eat so fast)😆.  We have here 8 adults, 5 kids and 4 dogs.







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Sauna and birch "sticks" /(punch?)with leafs (we hit our skins with that in sauna, help for moskitos bites and feel good), and we call it to "vasta". And right now i go to Sauna.




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Thank you for sharing the photos of your wonderful homeland Jani. You have a wonderful life there in Finland, just as we do here in Australia. Cheers. bn

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