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Collecting (bait) animals , plants, shellfish, squid etc from rock platforms and sand flats around Sydney,


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Hello raiders  , i don't  know how may of us know all the rules about  collecting your own bait , crabs , squid  and where we can fish with rod and line  , have a look at this  you may find a few things that you did not know about  and it may also  save  you a  fine one of these days ,Admino  if this has already been posted please let me know so that i can remove it ,



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Download an app called "FishSmart NSW". This is an app by the DPI. It has a "Maps" tab, this tab will show you all the rules/regulations for that area. Each time you see the is some other colours, you just press on that section you want to fish and the rules will pop up. This something I check when going to a new area to make sure I am not breaking the rules.

Very simple to use. You also will have size & bag limits and other standard rules within the app.

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One simple thing that can catch people out (I have been warned) is Beach Worms, the wording is "whole or part" so you catch a worm and it breaks in to pieces (they nearly always do) then you now have two or three worms.....be careful. I was worming last summer, (mind you, I am not an expert and don't get many) and as I was leaving the beach an inspector called me over. He asking politely what I had, I told him Beach Worms, he looked and started counting all the bits! I was still under, but he gave me a "warning" to be careful, no name was taken, I think it was just a routine look type of thing.

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